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“A charming and highly readable book that casts fresh light on human development and mental health even as it invites insightful and playful self-reflection.”

—Gabor Maté, M.D., author of The Myth of Normal

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau invites readers on a deeply personal journey toward self-knowledge, acceptance, and empowerment, drawing on the expertise of top psychologists, psychiatrists, scientists, and thought leaders.

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Closer Together has made Audible Canada’s Best of 2024 (So Far) list.

Book reflections

"In this candid and enlightening book, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau offers an intrepid exploration into achieving a life filled with purpose, meaning, and a sense of wonder. Closer Together makes a heartfelt case for the importance of connection for our well-being: as individuals, as parents and mentors, and as members of society."

—Hillary Rodham Clinton
Former U.S. Secretary of State

"This insightful book is a warm, wise, and generous exploration of getting to know ourselves better. By learning to face our past and embrace the contradictions and complexities of our human condition, Closer Together shows us how we can live our lives with courage, authenticity, and joy."

—Sara Kuburic,
Author of It’s On Me

"In Closer Together Sophie Grégoire Trudeau blends personal experiences with expert insights to offer smart, sensitive guidance on how to cultivate mental health, physical health, and our all-important relationships."

—Lisa Damour, PhD,
Author of The Emotional Lives of Teenagers

“As your emotional biography sets the musical scale of your life, your unwounded soul writes the ultimate, final symphony.”

—Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

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My story

Over the past 20 years, I’ve been involved as a speaker, spokesperson, ambassador, and interviewer in several causes related to gender equality, mental health, emotional literacy, the importance of physical activity, teenage self – esteem, and eating disorders.

In 2022, I associated with the Canadian Mental Health Association as their first national volunteer to help destigmatize mental health and illnesses in this country. As a trained reporter/host, I’ve had the privilege to conduct interviews with public figures from all walks of life, including Malala Yousafzai, Iman Bowie, Gloria Steinem, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Marianne Williamson, Raine Maida, Jewel Kilcher, Serena Ryder, Elizabeth Hurley, Dan Aykroyd and more.

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“No one is meant to be at the centre of the world.
Everyone is meant to hold the world in their centre.”

—Sophie Grégoire Trudeau

“What creativity allows is a mirror into what you
uniquely are capable of and that’s why it can be a
source of strength in time of deprivation and adversity.”

—Anne Abraham



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